Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ravensbourne Branding

We had our meeting with Jill Hogan regarding using the Ravensbourne brand, and here were some of the results. Jill said that the colours must either be those of the logo or instead black and white - which is fine as this was chosen by the students in the survey - and that the fonts cannot be changed. She suggested playing with the shape of the Penrose itself rather than trying to change the logo or create another brand.

This material was found on the Ravensbourne intranet regarding branding:

It was also interesting that we could not use the name 'Rave', it must be 'Ravensbourne' as the University is trying to drop the colloquialism of the name and seem more professional. This means many of our T-shirt designs are now redundant as they use this phrase.

For inspiration, Jill sent me the following images from designer Johnson Banks, showing how he envisaged using the Penrose shapes for T-shirt and bag designs:

It has also become apparent that Ravensbourne itself could be a target market for us, as they may commission us to create the shirts for staff or students to wear during events or Open Days within the campus. This gives the company a longer outlook for the future as they will need to be created for different events in the University's future. It may also be a way of the University paying for the products without us delving into our own pockets to create the designs.

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