Monday, 13 June 2011

Summary - Project Report

If I was to undertake this project again I believe a smaller team would have been more efficient as the large number in our group has lead to a lot of confusion, with members taking over job roles they should not have or adding too many ideas where unnecessary.

Personally, I was ill for the first couple of weeks of term, so was not party to the business deciding meetings at the crucial beginning stages of the project. I feel the team ran away with the website idea without considering the practicalities of timescale. I would therefore have set a realistic action plan from day one to make the project more organised and that all of the team were fulfilling their targets and jobs roles throughout the term.

In terms of my job role and creating merchandise, I wish we had concentrated on creating just Ravensbourne items from the start, as we could have arranged the branding meeting with Jill Hogan within the first couple of weeks and had the designs finalised by formative assessment. The Tshirts were almost tagged on as an after thought nearer the end of the project when it was apparent the Nexus site would not make any money or be operational in time. Conversely, we have done well to design, create and sell the shirts within a couple of weeks - alongside the researching of the website - and adhering to the Ravensbourne branding guidelines.

I have learned a lot about people throughout this project, some of which have worked very hard especially in the designing of the logos and tshirts within my subteam, yet we have had to wait for others to carry out their duties due to lack of communication or action. I also initated the meeting with Jill Hogan which propelled the designs greatly and also lead to us finding out about Ravensbourne’s social internet plans and the impact our site could have in the future working alongside an already existing team.

The main thing I have learned from the project, however, is that I do not want to set up a business of my own in the future. I enjoy animating and would rather spend my time doing what I love rather than worrying about the legalities of things such as names or competitors doing the same thing for less etc. I realise I will have to consider brand guidelines when for example creating advertisements for companies but not to this level with my own company identity. This will definitely not be something I wish to do in the future, except for promoting myself possibly as a freelancing animator.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Making The Final Tshirt

The final T-shirt design can be seen here worn by Ben and other people not part of our team. I believe they look quite stylish and will be purchasing one myself for definite. The penrose shape could not be printed as high as the design but it probably looks better this way.

Poster design created by Fahran.

Existing Site

Arts Thread and New Designers: Online Graduate Portfolios

Arts Thread is now hosting New Designers online graduate portfolios, providing a year round extension of New Designers the exhibition.

Arts Thread provides a comprehensive online directory for new and emerging design talent. For graduates, it offers invaluable advice and information for those dedicated to developing their career.

The Ravensbourne courses below are listed on Arts Thread. As a level three student please take this opportunity to create

an account and showcase your work to the world. The link is <>

Animation Production BA (Hons)

Design (Products) / Design (Interactions) BA (Hons)

Graphic Design BA (Hons)

Motion Graphics BA (Hons)

Interior Design Environment Architectures BA (Hons)



Lorna Hamilton-Brown MBE
Industry Liaison Coordinator [Design]
6 Penrose Way
SE10 0EW

T +44 (0) 20 3040 3591
M +44 (0) 7515 197 777

We are the future - find out more:

We received this email a few days ago, which really blows our project out of the water as they offer the same kind of service for free. Due to this there will now be no charge to use The Third Nexus and money will be instead gained from the sale of Ravensbourne T-shirts.

Tshirt Approval

After our meeting with Jill, here is the final design we chose as a group:

However, due to the Penrose shapes having gaps between them and not being true to the pattern, it was changed to the following design, which was then approved by Jill:


Really nice, well done to you and your colleagues.

Put me down for one!


Gantt Charts for E&E

Ravensbourne Branding

We had our meeting with Jill Hogan regarding using the Ravensbourne brand, and here were some of the results. Jill said that the colours must either be those of the logo or instead black and white - which is fine as this was chosen by the students in the survey - and that the fonts cannot be changed. She suggested playing with the shape of the Penrose itself rather than trying to change the logo or create another brand.

This material was found on the Ravensbourne intranet regarding branding:

It was also interesting that we could not use the name 'Rave', it must be 'Ravensbourne' as the University is trying to drop the colloquialism of the name and seem more professional. This means many of our T-shirt designs are now redundant as they use this phrase.

For inspiration, Jill sent me the following images from designer Johnson Banks, showing how he envisaged using the Penrose shapes for T-shirt and bag designs:

It has also become apparent that Ravensbourne itself could be a target market for us, as they may commission us to create the shirts for staff or students to wear during events or Open Days within the campus. This gives the company a longer outlook for the future as they will need to be created for different events in the University's future. It may also be a way of the University paying for the products without us delving into our own pockets to create the designs.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Email Communication with Jill Hogan

Dear Jill,

As part of our E&E project this year, our group of third year animators would like to create a tshirt and/or hoody design using either the Ravensbourne name or logo as a momento to sell to students. It will probably use the logo and also the year, and be sold for around 10-20 pounds. I would like to ask for permission to create these items.

Thank you

Hayley Allen

Hi Hayley

Very happy for you to do so, however, I would like to discuss designs at the earliest stage with you so they comply with our brand guidelines. The earlier the better to avoid any disappoint or wasted design time.

How are you planning to fund this prior to any sales - or do I not need to worry about that? Just checking whether you're asking me for any money!

I am about most of next week if you want to suggest a time.



Jill Hogan
Head of Marketing and Communications
m 07912 999312

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Ravensbourne - winner in the RIBA Awards for London 2011

Hi Jill,

That's fantastic :) would it be possible for a few members of our team to meet on Tuesday afternoon, around 2 or 3?

We will have a couple of designs by then and an idea on costing too by talking to some of the SU team

Thank you



any chance we could do it a bit later, say 4.30?


Jill Hogan
Head of Marketing and Communications
m 07912 999312

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