Saturday, 11 June 2011

Project Plan

This Week:

  • Finalise design of tshirts to sell in Uni using the Ravensbourne name and maybe logo for students to buy
  • Create posters using this design

This Month:

  • Print posters and tshirts
  • Create Stall in Uni and sell Tshirts
  • Use profit either towards the degree show or as funds to start the Third Nexus site

This Year:

  • Design a range of products to promote both Rave and the website
  • Aim to launch products during Freshers week – students may want to wear Rave tshirts on nights out and be looking at what Rave has to offer at The Freshers Fair.
  • Some products to be available to buy at the fairs or in uni for the first couple of weeks, but most available to buy online via paypal (this will make it more expensive to make individual pieces but then we would not have overstock not selling)
  • Leaflets to be produced – one side could be printed with website info, the other with products for sale – again could be handed out at Rave SU events (people give them on the way out) or left within the uni building.

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