Thursday, 28 April 2011

Promotional Carrier Bags

T Shirts

Internet Research

These couple of screen grabs are just to show how we could sell the merchandise online. We could either use a website like Ebay to create a shop or sell the items using Paypal, or we could create a shop on the Third Nexus website like here. I do not know how to create sites like this, so will reside with the web designer in our team.

Merchandise Research Woolwich

Thes images show the different kinds of products that could be sold as promotional materials for our final year films.

Popular merchandise for films includes t-shirts, mugs, figurines or soft toys, badges, posters, as well as art work and books for higher end budgets. Many shops now sell products as cheaply as a pound for merchandise, although the quality of these items is often not so good.

Packaging is also extremely important as bright colours and bold designs will attact consumers to buying products, Characters are also featured heavily for the toys and also apparell items and products such as towels.

Project Brief

The aim for this Unit is to create a business that can create revenue towards our Degree show in June.

Unfortunately I was in hospital for the majority of our first week, so I am a little behind. I have joined a group to create a portfolio website for Ravensbourne students where they can create their own webpage and display their work. This will be advertised online as well as at a merchandise stall that will be set up within the Ravensbourne building.

My job role is to research the merchandise for the stall and the methods of manufacture for them.