Monday, 9 May 2011

Star Wars Produce

When looking at merchandise, the best bet is to look at Star Wars produce. There are so many different types of product on the market, from figures and busts to tshirts, posters, games. You name it, Star Wars has probably made it. These pages are from the Star Wars online shop. Again most of the produce is character based, which would be good to do for our final year films but may be difficult for the website promotion.

As the stall will be based in Ravensbourne, artistic material like pencil cases, rulers etc will be more likely to sell as they are useful within college. Plain pencil cases can be bought online from around 1-2 pounds each (for example at and could be sold for around £3-5 after being customised. Alternatively, pencil pots can be made using card by hand:

We could also sell sketchbooks or notebooks by buying paper in bulk and binding them with our design on the cover. We can also print our own art books in the University.

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